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If you only change one gear, the gears won't mesh properly. One exception is the and C. It can be found with subtle differences in parts such as straight cut star drag and bullet shaped counter weight. Frames are easily cleaned with Acetone and Q-tips just like all other parts.

After our conversation, he sent the reel to me for inspection and cleaning. Repair Center Blog Connect. For round handle knobs, a mild abrasive wax should do.

The other two reels, I have no expertise with. They can not be used to date reels to a specific month or year unless you have the original shipping record information from the factory. With the spool size, springs some would have had reservations for controlling large fish like the powerful Salmon of Europe and Tropical powerful species encountered here in Australia. Lawn Equipment Parts Brands.

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  1. You'll need a large box of these and I recommend the count size.
  2. The four brushes in the middle are rifle bore brushes of different calibers.
  3. Between Simon and I, we hope to accomplish this through discovery of new serial numbers.

Model stickers are another concern. The Ambassadeur has zero ball bearings. Especially this D Direct Drive lightly used example! From then on, it would be an Ambassadeur that went on all my fishing trips. First the pressure placed on the spool is by the calibrated left hand end cap.

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  • Male knurling left and female knurling right.
  • No box or papers just a beauty of a reel.
  • By tightening the knob to a desired tension, you could apply drag washer pressure against the drive gear assembly which is similar to the conventional star drag wheel.
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Ambassadeur reels came in various marked cases through the years but the very first case offered had no markings at all. Pictured below is a Record Ambassadeur with an extremely rare plain brown cardboard box stamped with the matching serial number. Finding an Ambassadeur with the original price tag still attached is not often seen.

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They were used from mid into the s. When I first viewed the reel I sat up in my chair and took note. The fact that many of their parts are interchangeable makes it even more important you understand when and what reel these parts were assembled to. Adjustment of the knurled aluminum knob sets the desired tension of drag washer pressure.

You will always use a Q-tip cleaning your parts, so use caution around the edges of your stickers. What eye candy images and informative text! Many of them also have Roman Numeral marks etched into the brake plate's bridge, inside both side plates and the frame.

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If you have a reel that's excessively dirty, you'll want to use one of your plastic bristle tooth brushes with dish soap and warm water to clean the thick grease and dirt from your parts. So far, online dating diaries daily mail all that have been found are assembled with a standard capacity spool. And they are still in use.

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Push booton release was an innovative feature on the model. Hope this helps in your understanding of the control processes involved in this reel mate! Is there a way to determine the age and usefulness of this rig? One will usually find at least a small spot or two if not a sizeable area where anodizing appears to be rubbed off or incomplete.

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According to Simon Shimomura's studies, it became apparent that a large capacity spool was needed. Brake plates for original brown are silver. The spool runs on oil-impregnated bronze bushings. Good Luck and Good Fishin!

It may have been due to the very low numbers of C produced with smooth foot and grooved rims. Rubber O-rings found on the left bearing housing should not be cleaned with Acetone either. Two additional reels were found. Note that the reel carries the friction washer which ties it to the schematic for De Luxe. It certainly deserves the title as one of the hardest to find, much like the Record Ambassadeur anodized in green, Record Ambassadeur anodized in black and the left hand retrieve C with grooved rims.

This is usually matched to just allow the lure to fall slowly when the reel is in free spool, faster the lure is allowed to drop the wilder and faster the cast will be. They make us recognize our own failures in technique, maintenance regimes or choice of balanced tackle and therefore we grow when we learn to accept our shortcomings and adapt to change. Good luck and Great Fishing. One of the anglers was the same Jan Schreiner.

This is a harsh stripper but used carefully, it can do wonders for a reels appearance. This is the brown version of the bushing model, or so one might think? Virtually all known have beveled rims and either mushroom or screwdriver style takedown screws. About two years later a clicker was added.

Acetone can safely be used on your side plates with one small exception. At least I know a general timeframe. Serial number sticker with matching reel.

Watch the color instantly come back to life! It was not listed in the Garcia catalog until as mentioned in Simon's first book. Another example of specific change was the D. Reproduction handles are easily overlooked unless you know what to look for. The black synthetic leather cases came in three styles.


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Restore a saved shopping cart. It doesn't say high speed. Please pay special attention to my explanations of where, and where not to use Acetone. Variations of star drag and spool colors can be found as things were quickly changing in the early years.

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