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Colt Single Action 45 Revolver

Over the years this story has come to hold that the Python itself is a weak gun that isn't as strong as other guns and won't stand up shooting with Magnum ammunition. However, many users adopted the practice of leaving one empty chamber under the hammer, because a sharp blow could damage the mechanism and allow a fully loaded revolver to fire. These could be special ordered on a Python or could be bought for owner installation on a Python. Since these are not Colt commemoratives, dating site for it can be difficult to find out any details on who actually sold them.

It can be identified by the U. Contrary to popular gun writer propaganda. Related GunDigest Articles. Other Special Forces personnel owned Pythons and carried them into battle in Southeast Asia, with reportedly great effect on enemy soldiers.

Model A1 Dates of Production

The rear sight was now the new Colt Accro adjustable version that was to be used on virtually all adjustable sighted Colt pistols and revolvers from then on. The front of the frame where it was contoured to match the round Trooper barrel was heli-arc welded up to mate with the top rib of the Python barrel and the new barrel was installed. This hand is subject to wear and does require repair or replacement when it wears to the point that the timing is off.

However, feather marks were not added. They often had Custom Shop medallions, but also were sold with standard Gold medallions. However, several custom gunsmiths decided to offer conversions of.

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  • It was engraved by Wilbur A.
  • All grips from this point on were finished with a semi-gloss combined stain and finish.
  • The Python bluing was the first time a super polished blued finish had ever been used on a production gun and it became known as Colt Royal Blue.

It differed only in the bore of the barrel, the width of the extractor, and the width of the magazine well. Having a good understanding of the code shall let you recognize a particular model from its cousin with ease. These Pythons were engraved and had the Royal Seal of the King inlaid in gold on the barrel.

  1. Ed McGivern dispelled the myth of the inaccuracy of this procedure by shooting tight groups while fanning the revolver.
  2. Drawn slightly to the rear, the hammer engages the safety notch of the sear and holds the firing pin out of direct contact with a chambered cartridge.
  3. After they burned out from the demand for new Pythons, Colt put the Python into standard production using their best people.

And that is most of what you should know about the subject, not too hard to take in, right? No Colt medallions and steel bushings. The Schofield was soon retired and sold to the civilian market.

There are a number of early minor variations of the checkered wooden grips. It was complex, and required that the action be literally hand fitted. White and his company of engravers. At this part, we will take a look at the meaning behind Colt serial numbers and prefix or suffix characters on a variety of guns. Pull the slide back to cock the hammer and release.

These were one of the first fake types available and may even be found in fake Colt packaging. The dates shown here that Colt changed from one style of Python grip to another are estimates only. The salesman wordlessly reached into the counter and pulled out a bright nickel Colt Python. Move the slide back until the takedown arrow on the left front of the slide is even with the front edge of the frame, and rotate the barrel to the left. On the letter are details of the firearm original specifications and features plus the delivery address as well.

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Colt's record lists several Single Actions chambered for the. The trigger and manual safety lever were given a brilliant fire blue. Many of the finest examples known today were done from the s to the s by Alvin A.

In the front sight was changed to a squared post. All of this combined to make the Python capable of astounding accuracy. These are usually flatter near the top than the well-rounded Colt factory grips. In order to get the letter, you have to pay a certain amount of money, depend on your Colt model.

Single-Action Revolvers

Many of these customized guns were altered by top custom shops like King's of California, who specialized in target pistol alterations. The handsomely factory cased set includes a matching. Sedgley who modified the revolvers to enhance performance and experimented with more effective ammunition. While these are sometimes closer to the shape of real Colt grips, the wood and checkering is still noticeably different.

In Colt began striking the last four digits of the serial number on the underside of the breech block. The prefix tells you the type of frame while the digits indicate the weapon version, caliber, barrel length and potential model variation. Even though Colt adamantly states that no factory production. Prior to this time, the hammer had to be fully cocked in order to engage the manual safety. Due to the lack of knowledge, it can be difficult to determine if an engraved and decorated Python is a non-Colt commemorative, kardashians dating tree or a private edition model.

That is why the lookup result is not always good enough for your need. There were two versions of these, the first was slightly larger, the second smaller and with slightly rounded off edges on the bottom. From time to time Pythons in calibers other than.

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Like an expensive sports car, the Python is a more complex, highly refined machine that produces a higher order of performance. Often having dangerous encounters with arsonists, the Inspector had one particularly bad episode in a dark, abandoned building late one night. Colorado State Patrol Python. Trying to determine exactly what type of grips a Python left the factory with is often impossible to say for sure, especially around the times when Colt was in the process of changing the style.

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Came with a black nylon flapped hunter type shoulder holster with a large Colt emblem on the flap. In the early and midth century, original Peacemakers lacking historical provenance and not in pristine condition were not particularly valuable. In the curvature of the top surface of the slide was changed give slightly more room on the two flat sides. Custom modifications like finish, barrel and caliber changes or aftermarket engraving shall not be included though. These were originally eight inch barreled Pythons shipped to a West coast distributor who had the barrels cut off to three inches and a non-pinned front sight installed.

Among the options were a special order Target sight set composed of an under-cut Patridge Target front sight and the Colt Ellison Target rear sight. This practice is now universally recommended. Florida Game and Fish Python. In the mid's Colt issued a catalog featuring a pair or.

Long Colt Single-Action Revolver

If you truly want to know how to read Colt serial numbers then this article got something for you. Colt's Manufacturing Company. There are any number of non-Colt commemorative Pythons issued by other companies. While virtually all cartridges for semi-auto pistols are rimless, the. Colt Automatic Pistols, by Donald B.

But in order to know the age of the gun, best dating service dallas you have to find a reference table to crosscheck the character with the manufacturing year. Colt offered two levels of custom trigger jobs. Colt announced that they'd intended to produce.

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